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Overseas Business Model

Overseas Business Model

1. Establish JV to enter target markets
Select countries based on strategic importance
Establish JV with local goverments, goverment agencies and leading companies
Set up independent cultivation & supply system for microtubers in each market

2. Royalty Scheme
After selection of strategic countries, supply plantable microtubers to leading companies
Lacal partner to grow minitubers and supply to leading seed potato companies
In order to maximize local partners competitiveness, supply seed potatoes at the lowest possible price
Royalty on minitubers based on revenue

3. Technology transfer
Technology transfer to enable local cultivation of their unique varities
Select the best partner for each region
Scope of technology transfer : Broad transfer to include tissue culturing, growing stems in bioreactors

& the best way to cultivate seed potato

Selction criteria : Scale of potato production & economic advancement

4. Direct sales
Goal is to export local varieties to countries that cannot produce its needs
Direct sales of either microtubers or minitubers
Work with international agencies to supply to less advanced countries