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Process in Producing Microtubers

Step 1. Tissue Culturing in Dishes
More than 100 tissues are cultured in one dish of solid medium (* Cf. Only 1~30 tissues in other companies)
More than 200 tissues are cultured in liquid medium
50 dishes are cultured for one day by one researcher
Completely free of contamination during the whole process of culturing

Step 2. Mass propagation in Bioreactors
Tissue cultures from dishes are put into bioreactors
more than 1,500 stems / month / bioreactor
The most efficient system for production of a large number of stem cuts
Highly advanced technical skill preventing any risk of contamination or viral infection

Step 3. Planting of Plantlets in Greenhouse
Many hundreds of stems are taken out from one bioreactor
Nodal cutting of propagated stems result in more than 1,500 stem cuts for transplanting in seedling trays / one bioreactor
Planting of 100 stem cuts in one seedling tray (30cm X 60cm)
Acclimation of stem cuts in seedling trays in plant factories for one month

Step 4. Production of Microtubers in Seedling Trays in Greenhouse
Plantlets acclimated in plant factories are transferred to greenhouses and cultivated
More than 300,000 tubers after two or three months per greenhouse of 666 ㎡
Up to 900,000 microtubers in a year – three times a year
Mass production system in seedling trays – unlike pot-based production system of other companies

Step 5. Production of Microtubers in Seedling Trays in Greenhouse
Planting of 60,000 Microtubers in seedling trays per greenhouse of 667 ㎡ (20 tubersⅹ3,000 trays)
Production of 300,000 Minitubers after three months
Production system which can produce more than 600,000 tubers in a year , If done twice a year

Step 6. Production of Tubers via High Density Planting
Microtubers are planted in soil in netted greenhouses
The most efficient production system by using high density planting method
Mass production of certified seed tubers with no viral infection and soil damage caused by repeated cultivation
Impossible for competitors to emulate because they don’t have sufficient amount of Minitubers